Female Owned Business

Basic Tree Care is a female owned business – a small company that is one of 45,000 in Central Ohio to have smashed the glass ceiling of industries that were once thought to be male-only professions. We believe a love of trees and the ability care for them knows no gender. We demonstrate every day that our tree service and landscaping have leveled the playing field and meet or beat the work of any other Ohio tree care business.

Why do we point out that a woman owns the company?
Some people prefer to support firms owned and operated by women or members of minority groups, and we want them to find us. If that’s the case, we welcome you! Governments have requirements to do a portion of their projects with businesses owned by women. We are officially designated a DBE – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. This certification was developed to provide procurement opportunities for female ownership, especially in bidding government contracts. Some people used to shy away from pointing out they have a woman at the top. We hold the female owned business banner high and find we gain support from clients who want to help small businesses succeed.

Our top quality tree trimming and pruning ensures your trees grow strong and well-shaped. You also get protection for structures and neighboring property, by having dead and weak branches removed before they fall. Expert trimming lengthens the life expectancy of your trees.

Storm damage: High winds, ice storms, heavy snows and lightning claim an annual toll. A dangerous tree may removal, including stump removal. From storm damage cleanup of branches and other debris, to taking down a damaged tree, we are the female owned business with the expertise to handle your job.

Stump removal is the most efficient way to get rid of tree stumps with no damage to your property. We are equipped and our crews completely trained in safe techniques for getting rid of the leftover base of a tree. Do you have an uprooted trunk? Call us to take care of it.

We are a female owned business, but that does not mean we send all-female crews to your home. We send the best-trained, most experienced people we can hire.

When you need lot clearing, we deliver construction-ready site preparation – removing trees (live or dead – fallen or standing); grinding roots and stumps; carting away branches and logs; removal of large rocks and all debris; leaving the lot ready for scraping and grading. We are a female owned business with the expertise to handle it.

In a recent speech, the First Lady of California spoke about female owned business growth.

Maria Shriver said that there has been a shift in gender roles in modern day America; that men and women now work together on the same level, “rather than engaging in a battle of the sexes”. She said that society is letting go of preconceived notions, and there has been phenomenal growth in the number of women in business. Thank you for doing business with us!

You can proudly work with our female owned business in Columbus, Dublin, Newark, Gahanna, Westerville, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, Delaware and Clintonville.